Restore Pendleton

Today, Pendleton faces a shortage of high quality housing. The median age of homes is 52 years, and decades of deferred maintenance have led to the deterioration of structures. In addition to structure quality, the aesthetics of many properties have become an issue as residents accumulate debris and fail to maintain yards.

We understand that in the current economic climate, it can be difficult to find support and funding for housing rehabilitation efforts. That’s why we’ve developed the Restore Pendleton Program.

Created in 2013, Restore Pendleton is a housing rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization campaign that connects residents to useful housing resources as a means to improve the appearance and livability of homes.

We encourage you to explore our program offerings listed below based on your needs. There’s something for everyone! Also keep in mind that since Restore Pendleton is a new program, the offerings may change and increase with time, so keep an eye out for future improvements!

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