City Street Improvements

For the last couple of years the City has been engaged in conversations both internally, and with its citizens, to explore solutions to the problem of the City’s aging infrastructure, and the streets in particular. With the cost of street maintenance and repair being so great, and the revenues so inadequate, the problem is a difficult one, and grows every year as the roads continue to deteriorate.

For many years, the City’s funding for street maintenance has come entirely from the city’s share of state and federal fuel taxes, with an average of $300,000 per year available for street pavement maintenance. These funds have gone virtually unchanged for 20 years, and provide about 11% of the actual amount of funding needed to keep all streets in good condition.

As a partial solution, the City Council passed an Ordinance in 2015 to institute a $5.00 per month street maintenance fee added to the utility bills. Expected to generate approximately $481,000 per year, it is far less than what is needed to address the needs of the City, but is a step in the right direction. Click here to read more about the development of the utility fee.

This page is designed to help communicate to citizens how the City plans to address the roads, and specifically how this utility fee will be spent.

The following lists represent the work that is expected to be completed in 2018:

Residential Paving List (click to view)

Industrial Paving List (click to view)

The Fed/State funds are dedicated to arterial and collector designated streets according to our transportation system plan.  These streets are the most highly traveled streets by our citizens.  The level of spending on arterial and collector streets remains at about $300,000 annually.

Residential streets connect to these higher traveled streets.  The City Council agreed to spend the Street Maintenance Utility Fees entirely on residential streets, and apply 70% of the revenues on preservation and restoration; and 30% on reconstruction. This amounts to about $430,000 annually.  See “Cost of Road Repairs” below for a fuller description of the why the funds are prioritized this way.

Click here for more information about the cost of road repairs, and explanation of questions like how the City decides which roads get repaired first.

This update is dated May, 2018.