Daily Air Quality Forecast




The Pendleton Fire Marshal has declared that the open burning season for the City of Pendleton, Rieth Water District, Lower McKay, McKay Dam, and Riverside Fire Districts will be closed effective 08:00 am June 1st, 2018. Open burning will reopen on October 1st, 2018 weather permitting. Air Quality Forecasts will resume at that time.

For a complete list of burning regulations please visit the Pendleton Fire Department at 911 SW Court Ave., or visit their website at: www.pendleton.or.us/fire-ambulance.

If you have any questions regarding open burning or require a special burn permit, please call the Fire Department office at 541-276-1442.




















Green Days


Open burning is permitted AFTER 10 AM.

Air circulation is predicted to be adequate. 

It is okay to use wood burning stoves. 


Image: Yellow Light

No open burning is allowed on Yellow Days. 

The use of wood burning stoves that meet EPA or DEQ emission standards is allowed. 

Non-certified stoves should not be used unless that is the sole source of heat for your household.





Yellow Days



Red Days

Image: Red Light

Air circulation is predicted to be poor and air pollution levels are expected to approach the health standards.

No open burning is allowed.

Do not use wood burning stoves unless that is the sole source of heat for your household.