Air Quality Commission

The Pendleton Air Quality Commission (AQC) was established in January of 1991 to address air quality issues in Pendleton.  Our main purpose has been to educate the public.  We have focused on three areas of concern: 1) Health Issues.  This includes both short- and long-term respiratory problems, with an understanding that children, elderly, and individuals with allergies, asthma, emphysema and other specific health problems are at greatest risk.  2) Quality of Life Issues.  Although difficult to describe, this includes the ability to enjoy clean air and clear blue skies.  3) Meeting federal Clean Air Act (CAA) Standards.  The AQC has worked hard to ensure that Pendleton remains an attainment area under the CAA. 

The Pendleton AQC has a number of educational materials available, including brochures, posters, bookmarks, and a Good Neighbor Packet.  Much of this material is courtesy of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon State University Extension Service.   The AQC undertakes a yearly “Care For Our Air” campaign, reaching out to the public through newspapers and radio.  The AQC also generates a daily Air Quality Forecast during the winter months which uses local weather conditions and air quality data to determine the conditions for wood stove burning and open burning.  The AQC has no budget and must operate through grant funding.

Members of the AQC include: Joe Fiumara, who represents healthcare care community; Tom Straughan, representative of the agriculture community; Mary Wister, meteorologist with the National Weather Service; Roy Jones, interested citizen; Robert Maranville, Respiratory Therapist at St. Anthony Hospital; and Stan Prowant, recently retired Chemistry and Geology instructor at BMCC. McKenna McDonald City Council Representative.  Klaus Hoehna, Regulatory Specialist for the City, is the city resource on the AQC.  We also have a great deal of support from local agency people. 


If you would like additional information about the Pendleton Air Quality Commission or the next AQC meeting, please contact Klaus Hoehna at 541-966-0249 or