Air Education Program @ SMS

In  fall,  2008,  the  Pendleton  Air  Quality  Commission  (AQC)  began  an  Air Education Program at Sunridge Middle School with three seventh grade science classrooms.  Students learned about a variety of air quality issues such as health issues, air quality monitoring, criteria pollutants, and air pollution sources.  The students kept track of the daily air quality forecast for one month and were asked to write an essay on air quality at the end of the program.  Students with the three best essays were honored by the AQC.  The teacher and students thought the program was very successful.  Seventy-six students completed the program in 2008, and seventy-one students completed the program in 2009.

During spring 2013, students participating in the Air Education Program in Mrs. Harnden’s class created posters and participated in a poster contest.  The posters were judged by the AQC members based on neatness, use of color, visual appearance, slogan or title, and use of air quality vocabulary.  The students shown below were selected as winners.  First place winners received an air quality T-Shirt and a Planet Polluto CD.  Runners-up in each class received T-Shirts.

The AQC appreciates the students for their participation and Jodie Harnden for her hard work in teaching a unit that includes meteorology as well as air quality issues.

Spring 2013 6th Period Winners
Tanner Stephan, Kayden Enright, & Hailey Christensen

Spring 2013 7th Period Winners
Dancing Star Leighton, Jocel Pi, & Dancing Star Leighton

Not pictured: Shelby Smith

Spring 2013 8th Period Winners John McClammy, Nick Blanchet & Serena Bontemps

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