Dogs within City Limits

Animal Control

All dogs over six months of age that are kenneled or housed within the city limits of Pendleton are required to be licensed.  Licensing fees are paid at Pendleton City Hall in the Finance Department.  Fees are contingent upon whether the dog is spayed or neutered and term of licensing.  Dog owners should be prepared to show current proof of immunization when licensing their respective dogs.

Pendleton City Ordinance prohibits dogs and other domesticated animals to be at large and/or “off leash” within the city limits.  Consequently, when a dog is found in violation of City Ordinance, the police department will attempt to identify the owner of the dog.  If the owner of the dog cannot be identified, the dog will transported to a holding facility where it will remain for five days.  If the dog goes unclaimed, either the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS) or Hermiston Pet Rescue will take possession of the dog for purposes of adoption.

What to do

If/when your dog or domesticated animal is missing, you should report the missing animal to the Pendleton Police Department.  Please be prepared to provide age, gender, color, name, other identifiable characteristics, location last seen and a contact telephone number  to the person taking the call.  The aforementioned information will allow the call taker to determine if the animal has been located.  If the animal has not been located an electronic record will be made of the report. 

  • Pendleton Police Department  (541) 276-4411
  • City/County Dispatch Center (541) 966-3650 Option 7

When animal is located

Every effort will be made to identify the owner of the animal found to be at large.  If a responsible party is not identified, dogs will be lodged in a city facility.  Other domesticated animals will be taken to an County run facility.  To reclaim your dog, you must contact the Pendleton Police Department to confirm the status of the dog, and make arrangements to pick it up if it has not been released for adoption.  Lodging fees and licensing will need to be paid at Pendleton City Hall in the Finance department before the dog will be released.  A citation for violating City Ordinance may also be issued depending on the circumstances.