St. George Hotel Restoration

St. George Hotel (370 S Main St)
Al Plute

Originally constructed in 1900, the original St. George Hotel was two floors and Italianate in style.  By the 1940’s, an extensive renovation was done by new owner Dr. Isaiah Ulysses Temple, which included adding the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors and remodeling with an Art Deco style, where much of the original brick was covered with stucco. The Temple Hotel eventually went into a long decline and has since switched to a format of retail on the first floor and apartments on the upper floors. 

The Temple Hotel will restore its former name of the St. George Plaza to remove the poor reputation the Temple had and to remind everyone of its origins.  The renovation began in 2007 by owner Al Plute and designs show a blending of the Art Deco and Italianate styles to make the east side annex and the main hotel seem like one building.

He has included in this grant the construction and installation of a large vertical new sign similar in style to the old St. George sign.  He is in the process of restoring the storefronts, hiding the electrical service, and finishing the general façade improvement of the building.  Extended amenities (trim, balconies) are the current focal point.

Text Courtesy of Keith May

The St. George Hotel:  Before & After Restoration