Pendleton Quilt Works Restoration

Pendleton Quilt Works (138 SE Court Ave)
Rachelle Doherty 

The original Standard Grocery building was built in 1907 with Italianate parapet details and iron column supports.  The façade restoration began in 2007 after the Doherty’s purchased the property and was finished in November of 2008. The great brickwork has been exposed on both facades after the numerous layers of paint were carefully removed.  

On the east side of the building, typical Italianate one-over-one double hung windows remain.  The transom windows and the bulkhead woodwork above them have also been restored.  This building is a shining example of Pendleton’s historical beauty and a successful façade restoration!

Text Courtesy of Keith May

Pendleton Quilt Works Restoration: Before, During & After