Cimmiyotti's Building Restoration

Cimmiyotti’s Building (125-141 S Main St)
Jerry Imsland

The original building had very ornate details, but by 1910, stucco covered those details and the parapet was removed.  This building housed Moses Goodwin, Pendleton’s town founder.  The proposed façade design is nearly complete.  Much of the material is of modern construction.  The building front remains stucco, but is painted a complimentary color.

Again ornate detailing is added to the structure, although not historical. The details include stone bases with vertical fluting to the roofline, two cornices are added – one at the roofline, the other just below the second-story windows.  The storefronts will all match with a 45 deg. recessed doorway.  The single doorway may have the addition of a flat, glass awning added.  Signage is proposed from uniform ornate sign brackets that will sit just above the doorways.

The Cimmiyotti's Building: Before & After Restoration