City of Pendleton Payments

City of Pendleton Payments

Payments for all City Service can be made at City Hall Finance office, 500 SW Dorion Ave, using the following payment methods:

  • Check/ Money Order
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (with no convenience fee)
  • And the payment services listed below.

In-house Utility Autopay: FREE
You also have the option to sign up for our in-house autopay. This is a free service in which your regularly scheduled utility bill is automatically paid from your checking or savings account.

Online Utility Payment
Our new online payment system allows you to receive e-bills, view payments with confirmation receipts, set up autopay, look up usage history, and pay bills online at your convenience. Registration is quick and easy and your account can be accessed as soon as you're registered. Convenience fees will be charged by a third party administrator when payments are made (see fee schedule). All other services are free.
Note: While you're signed up for e-bills, you won't receive your bill in the mail.

Official Payments
Official payments allows you to pay court fines or utility bills online and over the telephone. Convenience fees will be charged by Official Payments when payments are made.