In-House Utility Autopay

Signing up for our FREE autopay service takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out Autopay application form below
  2. Write “VOID” across a blank check from the checking or savings account you would like autopay setup with.
  3. Mail (or bring in) your application with your voided check to:

City of Pendleton
Attn: Finance Department
500 SW Dorion Ave
Pendleton, OR  97801

It will take 30 days to process your autopay request. You may receive a bill before your application is processed depending on when you turn your application in. Once you’re signed up, you will receive a monthly statement from the City of Pendleton that will tell you the amount of your utility bill. The statement will look the same as your monthly bill but will say "Do Not Pay Auto Pay" (see Autopay Statement example below). The bill will be paid automatically from the account you designated on your autopay application form.

Note: If funds are not available at the time of the withdrawal, it will be treated as an NSF and a $25 fee will be added to your account.