For Residents

The City offers two excellent financial incentive programs to help you save money and decrease your environmental impact.

Solarize PendletonThis campaign to promote residential and commercial solar projects in Pendleton began in 2010. Now, over 100 residences in Pendleton have gone solar! To help residents overcome the logistical and financial barriers to going solar, the City offers Interest-Free Loans of up to $9000 for solar projects. We are also here to answer your questions throughout the solarizing process! Currently, up to 80% of the cost of a solar installation will be covered by incentives. What a deal! Click here to find out more!

Wood Stove Replacement ProgramIn an effort to promote better air quality in Pendleton, the City encourages the replacement of old, polluting wood stoves with more efficient gas fireplaces or other, cleaner heating alternatives. Currently, we offer a limited number of interest-free loans up to $3500. Funding sources are not always consistent, so be sure to check with us about the availability of loans. We also encourage you to explore the rebates available from Energy Trust of Oregon for heating upgrades. To browse Energy Trust’s inventive programs, click here.

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