Letter from the Mayor

Dear Potential Pendleton Business,

On behalf of the businesses and citizens of Pendleton, and as Mayor of the City of Pendleton, I welcome you to look over our community and hopefully decide that Pendleton is the place for you. We pride ourselves in creating public/private relationships that accommodate your needs and provide our community with new or expanded businesses.

The City of Pendleton has an Enterprise Zone that offers three years of tax abatement for a manufacturing business.

The City works with the State, County, Community College, Port of Umatilla, and other agencies in providing you the resources and trained labor to make your move to Pendleton a success.

The City has an excellent infrastructure with water and sewer systems that can handle twice our current usage.

The electrical and natural gas rates are very reasonable. Our location on Interstate 84 and close to Interstate 82 makes us an ideal location for transportation to Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Boise and areas in between.

We feel Pendleton has a lot to offer. Probably the most important attribute of our community is a strong commitment to promoting a successful business environment, quality of life, and a spirit of cooperative support.

Thank you for reviewing our web page and I am very hopeful you will seek additional information by contacting Steve Chrisman, Economic Development Consultant, at 541-276-7754.

Sincerely yours,
Phillip W. Houk, Mayor