Planning Dept--What We Do

  • Work toward improving the quality of life for the City of Pendleton and all its citizens and lands, present and future
  • Provide general assistance with land use and development questions
  • Provide specific planning and zoning information to the public, current and prospective businesses and other government agencies
  • Review land use and development proposals and applications for land use compatibility
  • Administer and enforce local and Oregon State land use laws, regulations and ordinances
  • Review requests and applications for land use actions including annexations, partitions, subdivisions, conditional use permits, variances, etc.
  • Coordinate with County, Tribal, State and other agencies on matters involving planning and zoning
  • Conduct studies and research as dictated by the City Manager, Planning Commission or City Council, and also as required by State law and the Comprehensive Plan
  • Act as staff to the Pendleton Planning Commission and City Council.

Our goal is to serve you with timely, accurate and clear information. Sometimes it may take a while to get you the answer you are looking for, but we will do our best to find it. We are glad to have the opportunity to work with you. Please feel free to drop by any time if you have questions about your property, or about a piece of property you may be interested in purchasing or developing.

If you are considering a development proposal, please help us help you. The more we know about what you want to do, the better we can assist you in getting there. Incomplete information may lead to inaccurate responses. More often than not, we are able to find a way to get you where you want to go.

We are located on the second floor of City Hall in downtown Pendleton.


Go up the stairs or take the elevator above the library and then take a right.
We are open weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Since 1973, Oregon has maintained a strong statewide program for land use planning. The foundation of that program is a set of 19 Statewide Planning Goals; 14 of which apply east of the Cascades. The goals express the state’s policies on land use and related topics. Most of the goals are accompanied by “guidelines,” which are suggestions about how a goal may be applied. Cities and counties must adopt a Comprehensive Plan and implementing ordinances that are consistent with the Goals, but that does not mean we do not have any discretion when it comes to tailoring such things to local needs.

The 13 State Goals that apply to Pendleton and Umatilla County:
Goal 1  Citizen Involvement
Goal 2  Land Use Planning
Goal 3  Agricultural Lands
Goal 5  Natural Resources, Scenic and Historic Areas, and Open Spaces
Goal 6  Air, Water and Land Resources Quality
Goal 7  Areas Subject to Natural Hazards
Goal 8  Recreational Needs

(destination resorts portion does not apply to land within Urban Growth Boundary)

Goal 9  Economic Development
Goal 10  Housing
Goal 11  Public Facilities and Services
Goal 12  Transportation
Goal 13  Energy Conservation
Goal 14

Plans are reviewed for consistency by the state’s Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC). When LCDC officially approves a local government’s plan, the plan is said to be “acknowledged.” It then becomes the controlling document for land use in the City or County covered by that plan.

Oregon’s planning laws apply not only to local governments but also to special districts and state agencies. The laws strongly emphasize coordination-- keeping plans and programs consistent with each other, with the goals, and with acknowledged local plans. Some issues, such as water and transportation, may warrant a regional approach to planning for the future. The City regularly works with Umatilla County and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla on these and many other issues. Regular updates to the Comprehensive Plan and implementing ordinances offer cities, counties, the Tribe, special districts and state agencies the opportunity to work together to adopt plans and policies that serve the needs of all.

Every city in Oregon is required to bring its comprehensive plan into compliance with state goals. However, that requirement does not mean that is all we have to do. The citizens of the community have the opportunity to go beyond the minimum requirements and create documents that we can all be proud of… that will guide and serve the City of Pendleton far into the future.

The City of Pendleton is currently working on “Periodic Review” to update its Comprehensive Plan and implementing ordinances. Over the next few years, the City will address almost all of the applicable Goals in an effort to not only bring them into compliance with state law but also to provide for a better future for the residents, the land, the water and the air that define this place we call home.