TSP UPDATE (Pedestrian, Bicycle and Transit)

The City of Pendleton is updating our Transportation System Plan (TSP). We have not historically planned for pedestrian, bicycle and transit transportation options. Now is our chance to take a look at our shortcomings and see what we can do about them. For those who can't or don't drive, be it due to age, ability, finances, or simply they prefer not to drive, this is our opportunity to make Pendleton easier and safer to get around in for all.

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend both meetings!

Planning Commission - Hearing

May 19th   |    7:00 - 8:30pm   |   Council Chambers

Transportation System Plan Update: Proposed Improvements

The documents within this section will be presented to Planning Commission (likely with some changes).

- Pedestrian Projects (Draft)

- Bicycle Projects (Draft)

- Multi-Use Trails (Draft)

- Transit (Draft)

- Code Changes (Draft)

- Policy Changes (Draft)

Technical Memos: Contain data, analysis, and findings

- Tech Memo #1: Plans, Goals and Policies (Draft)

- Tech Memo #2: Vision Statement (Draft)

- Tech Memo #3

        - Tech Memo - Toolbox of possible treatments

        - Tech Memo - Existing and Future Transportation Assessment DRAFT

- Tech Memo #4: Transit Resources and Transportation Funding

- Tech Memo #5 : Alternatives Evaluation (Draft) - January 28, 2016

Tech Memo: Draft Implementation Plan

- Health Impact Overview: Health impacts of TSP Update

- Project Implementation - Project list + Policy/Code Recommendations


October 14 Advisory Committee meeting Agenda

October 14 Open House flier - please print and post!

September 21, 2015 -  Advisory Committee meeting and OPEN HOUSE Press Release

September 21, 2015 Advisory Committee meeting Agenda

September 22, 2015 -Transit Stakeholder meeting Agenda

Potential Off-system pedestrian and bicycle routes in the Pendleton area - local map, regional map.

Signed IGA. Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Pendleton and ODOT detailing grant responsibilities and Scope of Work for project. If you want to know all the details regarding what we are up to with this project, this is where to find it.

Please contact Haley Meisenholder at the City of Pendleton with questions about this project at haley.meisenholder@ci.pendleton.or.us

Pendleton Bicycle, Pedestrian & Transit Update

Virtual Workshop link

with existing conditions information and interactive online map!

Want to learn more about pedestrian safety?

Tune into the FHWA Safety Program Pedestrian Webinar series

Free 12-part webinar series: entitled Countermeasure Strategies for Pedestrian Safety. The series will be delivered between October 2015 and January 2016.  It will provide participants with an in-depth exploration of some of the countermeasures and design strategies that can be implemented to improve pedestrian safety. Each of the 12 sessions will feature detailed information about countermeasures and design strategies, supporting research and guidance, as well as case studies highlighting examples of implementation from around the country. More details here.