Planning Department

The City of Pendleton Planning Department provides assistance with land use and related issues to citizens, current and prospective businesses, and other government agencies. Planning Department staff administers the Unified Development Code, the Sign Code, Annexations, and many other issues related to land use. Planning Department staff provides support to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Planning Staff

Photo: Tim Simons

Tim Simons

Director of Community Development

(541) 966-0242

George Clough

City Planner

(541) 966-0261

What We Do: An overview.

Ordinances and Maps Zoning Map and development-related ordinances.

Application Forms and Fees : Application forms for all common land use actions plus City Business Licenses and helpful information for testifying at a public hearing.

Plans and Studies

Marijuana Map and Inset Map and Ordinance

Marijuana Process and Life of a License

Administrative Decisions

Staff Report: 

- City Planner Staff Reports for items approved but do not require a public hearing.

A public hearing on these matters can be held if an appeal is received within 14 days to the approval date.

Planning Commission  - January Meetings: 1/11 & 1/25

Meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers.

- Planning Commission Agenda ; Minutes - December 28, 2017

-Planning Commission Workshops Agenda

Staff Report A)  Supplemental Material Staff Report A) Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C

Staff Report B)  Supplemental Material Staff Report B) Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C

The Planning Commission meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month, starting March 2017. Meetings may be canceled if there is nothing on the agenda. Meetings are NOT canceled due to bad weather unless City Hall is closed.

2017 Planning Commission Schedule Deadlines

Planning Commission Materials Planning Commissioner Training Materials, including the Public Hearing Process.

Current Planning Efforts:

TSP UPDATE. 2015 update to the Transportation System Plan, focusing on pedestrian, bicycle and transit movement and improvements.

Pendleton Downtown Association (PDA) membership application form

The City is hosting this form as a service to the PDA until they have their own site up and running.