Pendleton Downtown Plan

We need your help to ensure that downtown Pendleton continues to thrive!

The City of Pendleton has received a grant to help us organize all of the previous studies done in downtown Pendleton into a comprehensive plan for our future and policies to implement those goals.

This page is limited to materials produced for this final phase of planning for our downtown.  If you are interested in reviewing any of the previous studies, they can all be found on the "Downtown Pendleton Studies" link on the Planning Department page. 

If you are interested in learning about issues related to downtown planning, staff has compiled a list of related website links and documents in the "Downtown Pendleton Resources" link on the Planning Department page.

Video:  Pendleton Oregon Downtown Parking Survey June 15, 2011- Quick survey of on and off-street parking in downtown Pendleton, Oregon. All passes done on lunch hour, between 12:40 and 12:50 p.m. Sorry if it makes you a little dizzy...

Main Street- A simple PowerPoint document that allows users to "assemble" an event space on Main Street. Drag and drop (and rotate) the boxes to see what fits!

Pendleton Downtown Plan- Adopted December 6, 2011  

Staff report to Council for Pendleton Downtown Plan (Ord. 3812)

Ordinance 3812 - Pendleton Downtown Plan- Draft ordinance to adopt Pendleton Downtown Plan

Pendleton Downtown Plan- to City Council November 10, 2011- Submitted to City Council for first reading on November 15, 2011. Second reading and consideration (testimony accepted) will be December 6, 2011.

Pendleton Downtown Plan:  Appendices