Comprehensive Plan map

Zoning map current as of April, 2015

Unified Development Code - updated September 29, 2016

Contains all development regulations, including land divisions and annexations

Common Development Questions in Residential Zones pdf

River Quarter Plan

Form-Based Code overlay along the Umatilla River between S. Main and SW 10th Street.

Floodplain Development Ordinance If your property is mapped as in an area subject to flood hazards, please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" document linked here.

Sign Ordinance (Ordinance 3896) Sign District map

Ordinance 3810 - sidewalk signs in the C-1 zone

Transportation System Plan 
2007 TSP Update- Long Range Projects 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Bike Facilities 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Pedestrian Facilities 
2007 TSP Update- Proposed Roadways 
2007 TSP Update- Code and Policy amendments


Pendleton Industrial Lands Report (2007)

Residential Care Facilities  City and State standards and requirements regarding residential care facilities.