Exit 209 (Southgate) Interchange Area Master Plan (IAMP)

The Public Notice, proposed amendments, and the Plan itself are all linked below. Please note that all documents below these are in chronological order, oldest to newest.

Why do an IAMP?

  • An Interstate interchange is a major public investment, and it is critical to the City of Pendleton and any other traffic that passes through it.
  • The interchange isn’t just the interstate – it also includes all the traffic that goes underneath it. If it doesn’t work, public safety, quality of life, and commerce may all suffer.
  • An Interchange Area Management Plan is intended to ensure that we don’t compromise the integrity of the interchange by permitting incompatible development in the immediate vicinity.
  • It also means we take steps to either remove or mitigate existing development that may reduce the performance of the interchange.
  • This doesn’t mean we want to get rid of a viable business, but it is possible we might look at moving some access points around.
  • That could mean reconfiguring streets and driveways near the interchange, or even moving the entrance and exit ramps.
  • The plan also aims to ensure that all transportation modes, including walkers and cyclists, have safe and efficient passage.
  • The purpose of this process is to involve the local community, so that if we do consider any changes everyone is aware of what they are and why we decided to go in that direction.
  • The process will identify preferred alternatives for access ramps and the transportation network in the vicinity of the ramps – with an emphasis on minimizing harmful traffic impacts on the interchange.
  • We will explore options to improve transportation in and around the interchange area for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians to make sure travel to and within the City is quick, easy and trouble-free for all users for the foreseeable future.
  • We have held two open houses and anticipate at least three more before this is considered for adoption.
  • We will hold public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council to ensure public access during adoption.
  • Once adopted by the City, the Plan will be forwarded to ODOT for final adoption.

Ordinance 3806- Exit 209 IAMP, 1 of 2  

Ordinance 3806- Exit 209 IAMP, 2 of 2  

Exit 209 IAMP Public Notice- Planning Commission hearing on October 21

Plan Amendment Recommendations- September 16, 2010 (Memo: proposed code and policy amendments)

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Sections 1-5  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.1  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.2  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.3  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.4  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.5  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.6  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.7  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Section 6.8  

Exit 209 IAMP Final Draft Sections 7-10  

ODOT Pendleton map  

Exit 209 Alternatives- Think you can do better? Grab a pen and start drawing! Turn your proposed layout into the Planning Department by September 4.

Comparison Table of Concept Drawings  

Alternatives Analysis from January 7 meetings- Alterntives with an "X" were removed from consideration due to low benefits, high costs, or both. Modifications to ro alternatives
of some options were discussed at the meetings, and are not shown here.

South side concept 1, Modified  

South side concept 11- Feb 2010  

Final Alternative N1  

Final Alternative N10  

Final Alternative N11C  

Final Alternative S11A  

Final Alternative S11B  

Final Alternative S13  

Minutes - Joint CC/PC meeting - 3-30-2010