Engineering Department

Pre-Design Meeting

The Community Development Department offers a no cost Pre-Design Meeting.  Call (541) 966-0204 to set up a time for the meeting.  Bring in two sets of concept drawings and the key people of your project.  You will meet with the Planning, Building, Engineering, and Fire supervisors who will discuss concerns, answer questions, and make recommendations to help you succeed. 


For Sewer Tap, Driveway/Sidewalk Inspections: (541) 966-0203

Photo: Surveying on the Umatilla RiverPendleton's Engineering Department works on numerous projects designed to improve Pendleton's infrastructure.  Our Engineering Department reviews the on-site drainage for new/remodel development, public sidewalk/driveway construction, public road construction, sewer and water connection/size for development, and operates as the survey crew for City property. 

Permit Process: Building, Site, and Zoning permits and plans are submitted to our front counter clerk.  They are then logged and routed to our building department for review.  Upon completion of their review, the plans are forwarded to the engineering department for site review and the planning department for zoning compliance.  Once each department has performed their reviews, any concerns are addressed between the three departments, the plans are stamped and signed.  Our front counter clerk will call to say the permit is ready and the fees owed for the building permit.  Construction can begin once the permit has been picked up and payment received.  Our Finance Department accepts cash, money order, check, or in-person card payment.

Current Projects

  • NW Carden Avenue Sewer Replacement and Overlay Project
  • Airport Taxiway A, D, E and F Rehabilitation and Airport Marking

Completed Projects

  • Round Up Centennial Plaza
  • SW Quinney Bridge

Engineering Staff

City Engineer Email/Phone Engineering Technician Email/Phone
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Photo: George Clough
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