Building Department

Pre-Design Meeting

The Community Development Department offers a no cost Pre-Design Meeting.  Call (541) 966-0204 to set up a time for the meeting.  Bring in two sets of concept drawings and the key people of your project.  You will meet with the Planning, Building, Engineering, and Fire supervisors who will discuss concerns, answer questions, and make recommendations to help you succeed. 

The  Building Department of Community Development provides administration staff for the construction and safety codes adopted by the City.  Permit Process: Building, Site, and Zoning permits and plans are submitted to our front counter clerk.  They are then logged and routed to our building department for review.  Upon completion of their review, the plans are forwarded to the engineering department for site review and the planning department for zoning compliance.  Once each department has performed their reviews, and concerns are addressed between the three departments, the plans are stamped and signed.  Our front counter clerk will call to say the permit is ready and the fees owed for the building permit.  Construction can begin once the permit has been picked up and payment received.  Our Finance Department accepts cash, money order, check, or in-person card payment.

For An Inspection Call: (541) 966-0205 

Our inspectors leave at 9am for morning inspections and 1pm for afternoon inspections.

If you have any general questions regarding building codes or permits under review, please contact our official or inspector. 

Building Permit Submission:

Please bring in two sets of design drawings, professional or otherwise, with application.  Plan Review Fee is required upon submission of plans for review.  Once plans have been marked-up by our inspectors, we will assess permit fee and surcharge (and fire, life, safety if applicable).  You may call us for estimated fee charges.  Estimation is based upon proposed valuation of construction.  Building department uses square footage to determine final building fees.  Building fees do not incorporate zoning code approval, irrigation, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, parking lot, sewer tap, excavation, water meter, planning, park, SDC, engineering review, or driveway-sidewalk permit fees.  Our office reviews plans on a first come, first serve basis and tries to release plans quickly; however, it is beneficial for large/complex projects to schedule a Pre-Design Meeting.  Business License's are required to operate a business inside the city limits of Pendleton, so Contractors please verify your business license as we are not able to issue a permit without a current license.

For building code reference or to purchase a permit for residential only plumbing and mechanical work:

Building Staff

Building Official

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John Lindstrom (541) 966-0266   (541) 966-0267