Planning Commission Staff Reports

For all materials relating to Periodic Review of the Pendleton Comprehensive Plan, please go back to the Planning Department page and click on the link for Periodic Review.

Planning Commission Sign-In Sheet- If you wish to testify at a public hearing, you must complete and turn in this sheet in order to be recognized. Please print clearly, as this sheet is used to provide you with a Notice of Decision.

How to Testify at a Land Use Hearing- Helpful hints for providing effective, relevant testimony.

Agenda items for May 1, 2014 meeting:

  1. AMD13-04 (Unified Development Code): Discussion of the UDC began at the December 19, 2013, meeting. The Planning Commission is working through the UDC by section. Staff reports and drafts are linked below.


March 26, 2014 Staff report to the Planning Commission for April 3, 2014. (Meeting canceled; moved to May 1 agenda)

March 26, 2014 working draft. The Commission will only be reviewing Article 9 (pages 50-68) on April 3. (Meeting canceled; moved to May 1 agenda)

All previous drafts of the UDC and their accompanying staff reports are available in the Planning Department or can be sent by email upon request.