Planning Commission Staff Reports

How to Testify at a Land Use Hearing- Helpful hints for providing effective, relevant testimony.

Planning Commission Sign-In Sheet- If you wish to testify at a public hearing, you must complete and turn in this sheet in order to be recognized. Please print clearly, as this sheet is used to provide you with a Notice of Decision. Blank forms will also be available with the agenda at all hearings.

Planning Commission Agenda Packets:

Tentative agenda for May 7, 2015 meeting:

  1. AMD15-02 (Barhyte) Rezone of 6.51 acres from EFU to M-1 Light Industrial
  2. VAR15-02 (Wiley) Manufactured home more than six years old in Manufactured Housing Subdistrict B
  3. MP15-03 (Galloway) Three parcel partition in the R-2 zone
  4. SUB15-01 (Galloway) 12 lot subdivision in the R-2 zone
  5. AMD15-03 (City) Water Master Plan (Continued from April 16 meeting)
  6. AMD15-04 (City) Sewer Master Plan (Continued from April 16 meeting)
  7. AMD15-05 (City) Stormwater Master Plan (Continued from April 16 meeting)

April 16, 2015 Agenda and staff reports

Water System Master Plan Executive Summary (AMD15-03)

Sewer System Master Plan Executive Summary (AMD15-04)

Stormwater System Master Plan Executive Summary (AMD15-05)

April 2, 2015 agenda

AMD15-01 (City): Adopt regulations concerning medical and recreational marijuana as an amendment to the Unified Development Code.

Staff Report to Planning Commission

Exhibit A - DRAFT ordinance 3860

Exhibit B - Medical Marijuana summary

Exhibit C – Recreational Marijuana summary

Exhibit D – February 4, 2015 staff report to City Council from Police Chief Stuart Roberts

Exhibit E - Map showing 1,000 foot radius from schools and parks

Exhibit F – LOC “Local Government Regulation of Medical Marijuana in Oregon”

April 16, 2015 DRAFT agenda