Planning Commission Staff Reports

How to Testify at a Land Use Hearing- Helpful hints for providing effective, relevant testimony.

Planning Commission Sign-In Sheet- If you wish to testify at a public hearing, you must complete and turn in this sheet in order to be recognized. Please print clearly, as this sheet is used to provide you with a Notice of Decision. Blank forms will also be available with the agenda at all hearings.

Planning Commission Agenda Packets:

There will be no December 3, 2015 Planning Commission meeting.

Draft agenda for the December 17 meeting:

Public hearings

  1. CUP15-03 (Happy Canyon): Request to approve a conditional use to install a roof sign within the CMU zone. The property is addressed as 1114 SW Court Ave (Round-Up Happy Canyon Hall of Fame) and can be specifically identified as Tax Lot 01300 on Assessor Map 2N-32-10BD.
  2. VAR15-03 (Bethel Church): Proposed variance to the minimum off-street parking requirement for a church in the M-1 Light Industrial zone. The property is addressed at 1009 Airport Rd and can be specifically identified as Tax Lot 312 on Assessor Map 2N-32-05.
  3. AMD15-06 (City): Request initiated by City staff to repeal the (increased) minimum residential density standards adopted through Periodic Review in 2011. (continued from November 5, 2015 meeting)
  4. AMD15-08 (City): “Housecleaning” updates to the Sign Code; no changes to area calculations proposed.

Report of the City Planner

  1. Manufactured home language in UDC
  2. Discussion on appropriate uses within the Central Mixed Use zone
  3. Vacancy on Commission