Community Development

Photo: Downtown PendletonPendleton Community Development includes the planning, engineering and building functions.

The planning function provides staff for the administration of the city's state-mandated comprehensive planning program. This involves daily contact with the public while interpreting and enforcing the implementation ordinances of the comprehensive plan. Planning provides staff support of the Planning Commission.

The engineering function provides staff for the administration of development and project management of public facilities and infrastructure built for the City of Pendleton. Engineering oversees the public works maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement projects. The engineering function reviews plans, issues permits, and inspects activities by property owners doing work in the public right-of-way and other construction issues such as site grading, sidewalk construction, parking lots, and drainage. Engineering function reviews, approves, and maintains plats, surveys, and utility records. Also, provides technical assistance, design and review for multiple projects.

The building function provides staff for the administration of the various construction and safety codes adopted by the City, including the Uniform Building Code, One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Mechanical Code, Housing Code and Dangerous Building Code. Building inspects projects involving new construction, additions, alterations/remodels and demolitions of all types of buildings. Staff also inspects the placement of manufactured homes.

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