Solid Waste Advisory Board

The Solid Waste Advisory Board is comprosed of 5 members; 1 Council Member and 4 citizens; appointed annually by Council in January. (Mayor appoints Council representative, Council appoints citizens) (Ordinance No. 3358)

Member Address Phone Term Date
Karen Hill 317 NW 3rd Street 278-0365 2015
Stephan Albrecht 1506 SW 44th Street 966-1037 2015
Paul Gadaire 418 NW 4th Street 276-0547 2015
Jeff Holmes 1880 SW Quinney Lane 276-3154 2015
Neil Brown (Council Rep) 3305 SW Hailey Avenue 278-6028 2015

Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available online via the links below:

Solid Waste Advisory Board Agendas

Solid Waste Advisory Board Minutes