Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 7 members appointed by Mayor and confirmed by Council; 4 year term; expiring in December each year. (Provided by State Law and City Ordinance No. 3261.) 

Member Address Phone Term Date
Scott Fairley 115 NW 8th St. 278-4612 2018
Tyson Furstenberg 1416 SW 44th 276-1353 2014
Ryan DeGrofft 1115 NW Despain Ave. 310-1801 2015
Don Butcher 504 NW 8th 429-2684 2016
Maureen McCormmach 319 NW 11th St. 276-0878 2016
Terry Clarke 1325 NW Horn Ave. 276-7885 2017
Lou Porter 203 NW Ellis Ave. 630-885-4255 2017

The Planning Commission may not accept public testimony on a pending action outside of a public hearing. If you have questions regarding pending actions or Planning Commission business, please contact the Planning Department at 541-966-0204. Thank you.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available online via the links below:

Planning Commission Agendas

Planning Commission Minutes