Downtown Plan Implementations Steering Committee

Member   Address Term Date
James Naughton Downtown Merchant  613 SE Byers Avenue 2014
Alan Feves Downtown Merchant 304 NW Furnish  2015
Dean Fouquette Downtown Merchant 1010 NW Skyline Drive 2015
Tim Guenther Downtown Merchant 317 NW Bailey 2016
Laura Wortman At Large 24 SW Court Avenue  2014
Joan Escudero At Large 806 SE 8th Street 2014
John Summerfield At Large 322 NW 8th Street 2014
Fred Bradbury At Large PO Box 1271 2015
Roberta Lavadour At Large 519 NW 9th Street 2015
Mike Navratil At Large 648 NW 9th Street 2016
Matthew Campbell   120 SE 10th Street 2016

Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available online via the links below:

Downtown Plan Implementations Steering Committee Agendas

Downtown Plan Implementations Steering Committee Minutes