After hours assistance for street, sewer or water issues

Release Date: 

For street, sewer or water service issues during business hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday please phone 541-276-3078.

For AFTER HOURS emergencies please phone the dispatch call center at 541-966-3651.

City Council Adopted the Master Plans for Water, Sewer & Storm Systems

Release Date: 

The Master Plans were a two-year effort to comprehensively assess operation & maintenance needs, renewal and replacement needs of existing and aging infrastructure, capacity needs for serving the entire Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), and identifying a list of capital improvement projects and cost projections for the next 20-year period and for full build-out of the UGB.

Community Discussion Sessions and Budgeted Funds

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City completed a series of three community discussion sessions in late April, early May.  City has spent the last two years identifying funding needs related to city streets; existing facilities; and the water, sewer, and storm systems.  The funding need is about $7.4 million per year.  As part of these community discussion sessions, city staff presented a basic overview of the city’s budget to help frame the community discussion.  Please take a moment and review the slide show to assist with your understanding of the issues.