PFD Statistics

Annual Call Volume Report


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PFD Fire Stations

Station 1

Station 1 was opened in 1959 and serves as our administration and billing office as well as main station. Depending on staffing levels for the day Station 1 has 3-4 Firefighter Paramedics on duty 24/7. Photo: Station 1

Station 2

Area and Population Served

Photo: Firemen tackling the 2007 Eagles Lodge FireCity of Pendleton

Pop: 16,904
Area: 8.8 Sq Miles
Value: $ 588,344,181

Riverside RFPD

Pop: 750
Area: 4.5 Sq Miles
Value: $ 39,306,393

Lower McKay Creek RFPD

Pop: 220
Area: 0.7 Sq Miles
Value: $ 11,790,881

Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services

Ambulance Billing

If you have questions concerning your bill for ambulance services please contact or Ambulance Billing Office at 541-276-1442.

Open Burning & Burn Permits

Daily Air Quality Forecast - View it here

Open Burning (see permissible burn dates below)

Due to the recent improvements in weather conditions within the City of Pendleton, Rieth Water District, Lower McKay, McKay Dam, and Riverside Fire Districts. Open burning will reopen October 1, 2017.