Parking Lot Under Construction

Release Date: 

We're sorry for the inconvenience!  Our Engineering Department has arranged Friday, June 23rd for early morning crack sealing of the City Hall complex parking lot’s both Dorion & Emigrant including at the Rec Center parking areas.

Patrons are requested to use off-street parking and walk sidewalks to enter the Library as well as City Hall departments.

Engineering Department

Pre-Design Meeting

The Community Development Department offers a no cost Pre-Design Meeting.  Call (541) 966-0204 to set up a time for the meeting.  Bring in two sets of concept drawings and the key people of your project.  You will meet with the Planning, Building, Engineering, and Fire supervisors who will discuss concerns, answer questions, and make recommendations to help you succeed. 


For Sewer Tap, Driveway/Sidewalk Inspections: (541) 966-0203