City Council

Notes from the Council Chambers

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Council Meeting July 19

Model Air Park

Council approved a request by a local flying club to place an air park at Grecian Heights.  The group is currently flying in community park.  As interest grows, there is a greater need to provide space inside the City.  The group met with staff and we identified this as the best possible location.


Ballot Title Publication

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Notice is hereby given that ballot titles for three separate measures referred by the City of Pendleton have been filed with the City Elections Officer on July 20, 2016.  The ballot title captions are:

Notes from the Council Chambers

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Notes from the City Manager:

Council Workshop July 12

Fire Station

Chief Roberts honored by ESD

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Mark Mulvihill of the InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD) presented a Public Safety Award to Police Chief Stuart Roberts at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.  Mulvihill said that in light of so many tragic incidents of violence on school campuses across the nation, IMESD felt they had to get proactive about addressing security needs for area schools.

New City Councilor sworn in

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Mayor Houk swore in Dr. Jake Cambier to be the newest City Councilor at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.  Dr. Cambier replaces Al Plute, who recently resigned his seat on the Council, in the at-large position. 

Notes from the Council Chambers

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At the April 19, 2016 City Council meeting, the council recognized the contribution of several volunteers who have donated hundreds of hours in service to the City.  This program is making a significant impact across the City, but primarily at the Library and at Parks and Recreation.  Their contribution adds value to City services, making Pendleton a better community.

Lifesaving Technology Demonstration

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With the lights to the City Council Chambers turned off, Fire Chief Mike Ciraulo demonstrated to the City Council how their Forward Looking Infrared (also known as FLIR) Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) can be used to locate people in smoke-filled buildings, outside in the darkness, and other low-visibility conditions.  It can be extremely useful for finding children who are hiding, as they sometimes do in dangerous or frightening conditions, or people who are unconscious and cannot call out for help.

Meeting Cancelled

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Tonight's meetings of the Goal 2 Committee and Council Workshop have been cancelled for this evening.


Fire Department Employees Sworn in

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Council President Neil Brown swore in Jared Uselman as the newly-promoted Firefighter/Paramedic, and Jaclyn Berentsen as the newest hire into a Paramedic position at the Pendleton Fire & Ambulance Department.  After introducing each and describing their education and experience, Fire Chief Ciraulo said he was honored to welcome each of them into their new roles. 

Firefighter Uselman had his badge pinned on him by his mother; while Chief Ciraulo did the honors for Paramedic Berentsen.