City Council

Notes from the Council Chambers

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January 3, 2017 City Council

Swearing in Ceremony

The new Municipal Judge administered the oath of office to the newly elected City Council members including new Mayor John Turner and Councilors Scott Fairley and Dale Primmer. 

Old City Hall

At the meeting the Council heard from the Quezada family who were requesting an extension of time to install a new roof on the old City Hall. This building was gutted in a tragic fire which resulted in the loss of a family member.  They did not have insurance on the building.

Elected Officials Sworn In

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Starting off the New Year, with a new Mayor and Council at the January 3rd meeting.

Municipal Court Judge William Perkinson had the honor of swearing in Mayor John H. Turner and council members Dale Primmer and Scott Fairley into office.

Pendleton City Council

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The Pendleton City Council will meet for the last time in 2016 on Tuesday, December 20 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers located at City Hall.



Notes from the Council Chamber

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December 6, 2016

Municipal Court Judge

City Council voted and selected William Perkinson to succeed Judge Wallace as the next Municipal Court Judge.  He was appointed over three other candidates.

Financial Software Update

Finance Supervisor Brian Harrington gave the Council and update on the software conversion project.  He also conveyed that he will be assisting the Community Development Department in their conversion to e-permitting. 

Notes from the Council Chambers

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Revised Budget Resolution 2670

This resolution was adopted to conform with state budget rules.  The City was notified that the format we used to create the original budget resolution in June required re-formatting.  This did not change the approved budget.

Regionally Significant Industrial Area Land Use Regulations Ordinance 3899

Notes from the Council Chambers

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City Council Meeting November 1, 2016

SW 13th Street Stairway

Council is wrestling with the decision on what to do with this stairway as it has deteriorated to the point of being closed.  Staff estimates it will cost $200,000 to replace.  A plan was proposed to improve a pathway that exists and was constructed for a sewer line that flows down to SW 12th St.  The pathway could be improved to include hand rail and paving or could remain primitive, but would allow a safe way off the hill.

Notes from the Council Chambers

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October 11 City Council Workshop

Marketing Strategies for Surplus Property.  Council discussed the criteria they wanted to use to market the property given to the City by the state and previously a part of the EOTC campus.  After some discussion, Council determined that preferences would be given to developers who made a proposal with the following criteria: workforce/student housing, compliments/connections to the college campus, and a proven track history of successfully managed rental properties.

Notes from the Council Chambers

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City Receives Grant for Art

Pacific Power contributed a check for $3,500 to help cover the cost of new bronze’s on Main Street.  These statues have been paid for by grants and out of the 1.75% of the transient room tax revenue (typically around $14,000/year) collected specifically for that purpose.

Badge Pinning and Swearing In of New Firefighters

New Firefighters Sworn In

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Mayor Houk administers the oath of office for two new Firefighter/Paramedics at the City Council meeting Tuesday night.   Being sworn in were:  Jordan Tyer, a Reserve for the Pendleton Fire & Ambulance Department for the last 2 years, and Marc Proctor, formerly of the Bend Fire Department.

The City welcomes both new employees to the City of Pendleton family!!

Also sworn in Tuesday night were three new Reserves for the department:  Nelly Arroyo, Terri Clerk, and Sara Burke.

Notes from the Council Chambers

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September 20, 2016

Pendleton Development Commission (Governing Body of the Urban Renewal District)

Old City Hall Update