Fire and Emergency Medical Services Study

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Pendleton Fire and Ambulance (PFA). The City of Pendleton is seeking the services of a fire and emergency medical services consultant to produce a study that would examine ways to save money or increase revenue. Several ideas have been considered by the City Council as being potentially viable: privatization of the ambulance, creation of a fire district, consolidation with other agencies, operational changes, and/or increasing fees. Attached you will find a Request for Proposal, to which we invite your response. We encourage you to forward this correspondence on to peers who may be interested in responding as well. This cover letter is a part of the request for proposal.

PFA provides ambulance service to an area of approximately 22 square miles within Umatilla County primarily the City of Pendleton and an additional 1,800 square miles in their ambulance service area.

PFA provides fire protection services to the City as well as three fire districts; Riverside, McKay and Lower McKay. The population served by the fire department is relatively constant at approximately 22,500. The population of the extended Ambulance Service Area (ASA) is unknown.

PFA provides a variety of services including:

  • Fire Suppression
  • ALS Emergency Transport
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency Initial Response
  • Limited Technical Rescue
  • Fire Investigation
  • Public Education
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)
  • Associated Support and Maintenance services

Umatilla County provides emergency call taking and dispatch services. The State of Oregon, through Hermiston Fire District, provides advanced level hazardous materials emergency response.

The objective of the study is to:

  1. Evaluate the option to privatize ambulance services,
  2. Evaluate the possibility of creating a new district or joining an existing fire district,
  3. Identification of potential other efficiencies or revenue enhancing options.

Proposal Content

Each proposal submitted to this request should contain the following:

  1. Understanding of Project: Demonstrate an understanding of the project as it relates to the need for professional services.
  2. Work Plan & Methodology: A description of the work plan to complete the project and the methodology for achieving goals. Include a proposed schedule for carrying out the work plan.
  3. Experience:
    1. Include a description of previous experience in providing services of a similar nature.
    2. Show fluency with Oregon laws and regulations.
    3. Provide at least one completed project for our review; the client name and other identifying information may be redacted if desired. The project must have been completed within the last 36 months.
    4. Provide a list of five of the most recent clients for whom similar work was done. The list should include the name and contact information for both the client and a specific individual who would have direct knowledge of the consultant’s work.
  4. Price: A project price structure must accompany the proposal with details of any additional recommended work or options.
  5. Evaluation: Provide a description of how successful completion of the project will be evaluated and demonstrated.
  6. Project management: List the names, qualifications, and experience of the project manager and other principal personnel who will be involved with the project. Include all those doing field investigation and analysis of the final data and those who will produce the final alternatives.

The City of Pendleton retains the right to accept/reject any or all proposals.

Questions about the RFP should be addressed to the City Manager. We thank you in advance for your interest in this project.

Robb Corbett, City Manager
500 SW Dorion Ave.
Pendleton, OR 97801

Time Requirements

Proposals are due at Pendleton City Hall, Attn: City Manager, 500 SW Dorion Ave., Pendleton, OR 97801 no later than 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday, February 17, 2014.

Robb Corbett, City Manager
City of Pendleton

Fire & Emergency Medical Services Study

Pendleton Fire and Ambulance (PFA) January 23, 2014

Scope of Work

The City of Pendleton is seeking the services of a qualified consultant or firm to produce a document that will provide a range of EMS/Fire service options, enabling the City to choose an acceptable level of service based on what will be the most affordable, efficient and cost effective service delivery method.

The optimal proposal for the City would be an option that saves money while maintaining or enhancing current levels of service.

Historical Data

The study shall briefly trace the development of fire, EMS, and rescue protection efforts of the City.

The study shall list and explain events and decisions that led to the City’s current geographical, financial and staffing situations.

Analysis of Current Situation

The study will address the following components:

  • A full assessment of the City’s cost/level of service analyses for communities/areas served including an analysis of the cost sharing between residents of Pendleton and the residents of the districts being served for fire and ambulance services.
  • Identification of issues or obstacles which could affect changes to current service levels.
  • Analysis of present resources available in the region to meet emergency services requirements, including an inventory of both personnel and equipment and its distribution throughout the service areas and neighboring service areas.


The study will conclude with the following recommendations:

  • Recommendations for reducing costs of EMS/Fire services to the City of Pendleton and the impacts on service delivery.
  • Identification of opportunities to increase efficiency of functions (some or all) through use of applicable operational structures and systems.
  • Recommendations regarding privatization and/or joint operations including transition from current operations to a new system.
  • Overall cost increases or savings realized by proposed recommendations.


The final product will assess a range of EMS/Fire service options that will enable the City to choose from which will provide the most affordable, efficient and cost effective mode of operation for fire and emergency medical services at an acceptable level of service to the Citizens of Pendleton.