Fire Station Groundbreaking

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On Thursday, May 17, 2018, City dignitaries, contractors, Fire Department employees and citizens gathered for a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction for the new fire station #1.

Interim Fire Chief Shawn Penninger welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction.  He noted that in Pendleton’s history there have been 5 fire stations constructed, with the first being in 1885 and is still standing today at 225 SE 2nd Street.   In 1908 a new station was built as part of what was then the new city hall; in 1959 the current station 1 was constructed, and 1972 the current station 2 at 1200 Southgate.  Because of  the support of our citizens and their passing of a 2017 bond measure, we now get to add 2018 to that list.

At this location the new station will provide a safe and efficient work place for the next 75 years. It will also have the ability to adapt to the changing demographics of the fire service and the expansion of services that fire departments nationwide are experiencing.

The Chief introduced the other speakers, including Mayor John Turner, architect Cathy Bowman, and the construction manager, Joseph Hull.  Afterward, the City Council and members of the construction committee were invited to come forward and, using "golden" shovels,  performed the ceremonial ground-breaking to initiate construction.

Penninger concluded by emphasizing the department's gratitude to all those that contributed to making this happen including: those who helped educate voters on the bond; the unanimous support of our elected city officials; the staff of various city departments that have been working tirelessly on this since the bond passage; and most of all to our citizens, without the support of which this project would not have been able to go forward.