The Goats Have Arrived

Release Date: 

This year’s herd of goats have arrived in Pendleton. The herder will bring 900+ yearlings onto the west end behind EOCI and work west to east this year. The nannies and kids will be taken to a different job.   If not the end of this week, they will make their appearance there next week.  The goats are currently grazing at other city-owned properties.  The goats will be grazing along the levee system and river corridor for several weeks.  As they graze along the levee, please take precaution to keep dogs under control and leashed.  The goats are kept pinned in with electrical fencing and have trained dogs guarding them as they move along the levee.  The electrical fencing is placed near the top of the levee and will be signed “electric fence” – please do not touch or attempt to cross over – as the fence may have an electric charge.  City has also provided approval for the herder to move along the levee with an ATV to assist with moving fence and other materials.  Please report any issues to the City at 541.276.3078 or 541.966.0202.  Be sure to visit the river parkway along the levee over the next few weeks for an opportunity to view the goats and their kids that are helping to manage vegetation and overgrowth along our river corridor.