Notes From the Council Chambers

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Overview of the City Council Meeting which was held on May 15, 2018


Pipeline Inspection Services were awarded by the Council to contract to Pipeline Inspection Services to “slip line” sewer pipe at NW 5th and also Westgate for $111,370.  Slip Line allows sewer pipe to be repaired without replacing it by installing a liner inside of the existing pipe.

Fire Station Project

The Council awarded a contract to allow the foundation of the new building to get underway immediately.  Last Tuesday we received a signed document from the hospital to complete the work ahead of the final sale agreement on the property.  Prior to the bond sale, the City obtained an option to buy the property.  Through final negotiations with the hospital to finalize the purchase, we were notified that before the property could be transferred officially, one more step had to be taken. 

While we own the right to buy the land, we understand that a process related to the church had to be completed.  At no time was/is our ability to purchase the land at risk, merely postponed to perform this church-related function.

Street Overlay

The Council approved $408,733 worth of road repairs.    In addition to the streets,  repairs will be made on the parking area in Community Park for $39,000.