Notes From the Council Chambers

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City Council met Tuesday,  April 17, 2018 to discuss the following:

Volunteer Recognition

As part of our annual recognition of City volunteers, Tiffany did an exceptional job of making the night special by honoring all of our volunteers and giving out some special awards.  It is staggering to me how many hours (thousands!) that are given in support of the City and the community through their efforts.  Watch for more details about those who received special recognition.

Transportation Commission Presentation

Dan Mitzenberg gave the Council a presentation on the activities of the Transportation Commission.  Ridership has grown dramatically and last night we learned that the City is positioned to benefit from a large ODOT grant which will allow us to have “deviated fixed route” bus service.  As we understand it, it would be a small bus route that could “deviate” to respond to special requests for pickup/dropoff.  This presentation was done as part of the Council's request to be better connected with the City Boards, Committees and Commissions that serve the City and provide them with valuable support and policy recommendations.

Sale of Fee Simple Interest in the Roundup Grounds

Council voted to sell to Roundup its remaining interest in this property formerly owned by the City.  As part of their ownership, the Roundup pays approximately $100,000/year in taxes. 

When Roundup was given the land, the City had to keep a “reversionary interest” in the property which stated that should the Roundup not hold a rodeo for two consecutive years the City would regain ownership of the property.  This reversionary interest is in effect for 13 more years and has proven to be a problem for Roundup as they want to utilize the land for various purposes.  Most recently it came up as BMCC went to the state for financing the FARM II project.  The state would not allow their facility to be sited on the property with the reversionary clause.  Council agreed that it was in our best interest to sell it.

Riparian Corridor

This item was on the agenda as part of a proposal to look at the long-term use of the river corridor through town.  This item was taken off the agenda as the Council wanted to discuss it during a workshop.  This has tentatively been placed on the May 8 workshop agenda.

Adjustment of City Council meeting dates for July and August

City Council moved the meeting dates for these two months to the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays to participate in July 4 activities and the National Night Out in August, which will occur in several neighborhood parks this year.

Downtown Association Funding

At the direction of the Council, City Manager Robb Corbett met with 2 Councilors and members of the PDA.  Afterwards, a recommendation was put together as follows:

Approve funding the PDA for a 5-year period starting with year 1 and 2 at $55,000 and decreasing each year by 10% and continued funding for the PDA to operate the Oregon Main Street Program for the City of Pendleton.

Year 1, 100% of the funding would come from Urban Renewal.  Year 2, $40,000 from PDC and $15,000 General Fund, which would be offset by a reduction in the transfer of business license fees transferred out of the fund to pay for Economic Development.  This eliminates the negative impact on the General Fund.

Between years 2 and 3 the Council would be obligated review the agreement for effectiveness.

Years 3-5, the contribution to the PDA would be reduced each year and in the following manner:                                                                  

Yr. 3                      Yr. 4                      Yr. 5      

Business License Fees      $20,000               $25,000               $30,000

Urban Renewal                 $30,000               $20,000               $10,000

In year 6 and beyond the City would contribute $25,000 to support the PDA’s commitment to maintaining the Oregon Main Street Program for the City of Pendleton.  The City would use Business license fees from offsetting funds used for the economic development position in the amount of $25,000/year.

As part of this agreement, the PDA would agree to work with the City to write grants to implement the Pendleton Downtown Plan (December 2011), the Community Assessment Findings and Suggestions (Destination Development, Inc., October 2006), revise the downtown parking plan, and participate in the Pendleton Enhancement Plan.