April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month

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#DriveHealthy: April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month

 And the week of April 9-13 is National Work Zone Safety Awareness week

 Startling statistics* (distracted driving): On average, in Oregon…

  • A distracted driver causes a crash every 2.5 hours—almost 10 crashes each day.
  • Distracted driving causes one in every 12 serious injury crashes in Oregon.

 Startling statistics* (work zones): On average, in Oregon…

  • A work zone crash occurs every 17 hours.
  • An inattentive (distracted!) driver is the most common cause of work zone crashes.
  • Four out of five work zone fatalities are drivers and their passengers.
  • Fines double 24/7. Workers or not.

 Help us mark the month of April and the week of April 9:

  • Think about your one and only job when you’re behind the wheel: driving. #DriveHealthy: Hands on the wheel, mind on the road. Put your phone in the glove compartment or hand it to a passenger.  
  • When you’re a passenger, don’t let your driver drive distracted. Ask for their phone—you can answer, instead. Or put it in the glove compartment!  
  • Pay attention all the time you’re driving, but especially when you see orange signs, barrels, cones and barricades. Stay alert in work zones.


* Statistics based on crash data from the five years 2012-2016 inclusive