Notes from the Council Chambers

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Appeal of Approval for Marijuana Grow

This appeal was filed by a citizen to overturn an approval by the Planning Commission of a marijuana grow on Riverside Drive.  The owner of the project withdrew their application on the day before the City Council hearing so this item on the agenda was removed.


Re-Zone Request            

This item was forwarded to the City Council by the Planning Commission.  When a property owner wishes to re-zone their property, the Planning Commission reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the City Council who makes the final determination.  The Planning Commission recommended this application be denied.


The City Council held a public hearing and upheld the Planning Commission's recommendation.  The denial was primarily based on the fact that  the property was recently purchased with the intent to use it for a purpose that is not currently allowed.  Also, a re-zone would be moving away from the planned future of this area which is to phase out Industrial Land in the downtown core in favor of commercial and residential development.  The applicant wanted to re-zone his commercial property to industrial to manufacture marijuana product(s).


Contract Award for Sewer Inspection Services

Council supported staff recommendation to hire a contractor to inspect the sewer line connecting CTUIR to the City’s sewer collection system.  Last year, pipe failure resulted in several days of groundwater/surface water infiltration into this pipe.  The hope is to identify weak spots in the pipe so that repairs can be made before another failure occurs.


Pendleton Downtown Association Funding

After some discussion, the City Council tabled this decision for a future date.  They were not comfortable with all of the recommendations made to support the PDA.  I will be meeting with members of the Council and PDA to try and address concerns brought up by Council.


Council Workshop on Dealing with the Press

City Attorney gave the Council a review of best practices when dealing with the media.