Notes from the Council Chambers

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The City Council had a Workshop on February 13

Staff Introductions - Maura O'Daniel, Pendleton Library

Council was introduced to Maura who gave them a background on her position in the library and different interesting facts.  Maura’s love for the library was evident and not lost on the Council.  One of my “takeaways” from her presentation was the value to the community provided by the library in the form of savings.  When we check out books, our receipt shows each customer how much money we saved by not having to purchase the book.  She shared that one customer saved their receipts from throughout the year and the library saved her over $5,000.  I have asked Mary if we can show the total amount saved by our citizens by the month or by the year as I think this is valuable information to be shared.

Many of the Councilors had questions about the availability of electronic books, either in print or audible format.  Many of them did not know the number of options available to the community.

Winter Road Sanding Practices - Bob Patterson, Public Works Director

Council received an overview of the City's winter road sanding work and other efforts to make roads passable during snow and ice events.  The City does not plow as it would be an expensive endeavor and most commonly the snow melts after a very brief time. 

Some in the community suggest that it would not be costly because we are currently driving around with sanders.  “All you need to do is put a plow on the truck”.  There are many reasons why this is no small expense but one of the biggest expenses of doing this is the fact that we don’t have equipment that could push a plow uphill. 

City Budget Preparation 2019 - Robb Corbett, City Manager

City Manager Robb Corbett gave the Council high-level financial information leading into the 2019 fiscal year budget in response to questions related to our financial health.  Of note, the City’s bond rating just went up indicating an improvement in our financial condition.

General Fund Trend projections: (Growth in Revenues and Expenses based on past 10-year avg.)

                                                     FY19          FY20          FY21          FY22          FY23

GF Revenues @ 2.7%/Yr.          $13.32M     $13.68M     $14.05M     $14.42M     $14.81M

GF Expenses @ 3.2%/Yr.          $13.44M     $13.87M     $14.32M     $14.77M     $15.24M

BFB (FY18 = $3.14)                     $3.02M      $2.83M      $2.56M       $2.21M       $1.78M

Marijuana Projections

     The calendar Year 2018          $203,367

Estimated PERS Increase FY 20-21

     $400,000 System-wide.  Approximately $200,000 in General Fund.

Facilities Maintenance Backlog and Annual Expense

     Backlog as of July 1, 2017          $4.7M (est.)

     Annual Maintenance Cost          $1.06M (est.)