Notes from the Council Chambers

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City Council met Tuesday, February 6 and discussed the following:

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Councilor John Brenne

‚ÄčJohn's supervisor Teresa O'Hallaran traveled from Portland to deliver this award to John, posthumously.  John worked for the Federal government over 40 years in Pendleton.  And he served as a Councilor for 39 years.   

Recognition of Service to Donnie Cook

Mayor Turner read a brief note of appreciation to honor recent retiree Donnie Cook: 

After 27 years of service to the City of Pendleton, Parks & Recreation Director Donnie Cook retired effective January 31, 2018.  Originally starting as a Utility Worker 1, Donnie moved up the ranks to a Utility Worker 2, then a Utility Worker 3, then a Park & Cemetery Foreman.  In 2007, he became the Parks & Cemetery Superintendent, then in 2015, he was promoted to the top position of Parks & Recreation Director.    Over the years, Donnie has demonstrated a strong work ethic, and a clear commitment to making the City’s 21 parks, cemetery, Aquatic Center, and Recreation Center and programs the best that they can be.  He has dedicated most of his adult life to making the quality of life better for the citizens of Pendleton through providing quality programs, maintaining beautiful facilities, and offering excellent services.  Unafraid of taking on more, Donnie was very involved in the expansion of many Parks & Recreation facilities, including:   the Riverwalk, Rudy Rada Skate Park, dog park, various landscaped overpasses and traffic separators (like the cattle drive and the one by Dean’s Deli), the addition of a pet cemetery and niches for cremains (ashes) at the mausoleum.   Members of the Parks Commission once said of him “Donnie is the glue that makes everything work.  His commitment to the job is more like a calling than a job.”  Donnie’s energy, commitment to excellence, sense of humor, and dedication to the City will be greatly missed.

Parks and Recreation Commission

Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Kathryn Brown gave the Council an overview of the past years accomplishments of the commission.  This is part of the Councils efforts to connect with the numerous boards and commissions to open dialogue and strengthen partnerships. 

New Planner

Community Development Director Tim Simons introduced George Cress as the new City Planner.  George is coming out of retirement having retired from the City of Forest Grove.  He started his career in planning having worked in Jacksonville, Deschutes County, Lake Tahoe, and CTUIR.  He also has economic development background at the Port of Longview, WA and Port of St. Helens, OR.  George will make a great addition to our team.


Council heard and accepted the annual audit report from Rob Tremper of Dickey & Tremper, LLC.  The City’s financial position continues to improve as evidenced by the recent upgrade in our bond rating.

Farm II Project

City Council approved funding of $150,000 toward the project.