The City of Pendleton mourns the passing of City Council Member John Brenne.

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Mr. Brenne was the longest-serving member of the council having first been elected in 1978.  This was his 40th year as a council member.

Mr. Brenne served on many committees while serving on the City Council, most recently he was involved in the Affordable Housing Program, the Design and Development Committee which made recommendations on the architectural design of the new fire station, the Library Board, the Budget Committee, Housing and Neighborhood Improvement, Pendleton Development Commission, PDC Goal 2 Committee, and the Transportation Committee.

A fierce advocate for seniors and low-income citizens, Mr. Brenne served as the Executive Director of the Foster Grandparents Program in Pendleton.  He was the Project Director of the Senior Companion Program.

As his forty years of service would suggest, he was tirelessly dedicated to the City of Pendleton and had recently filed to run for another term of office.  He could be counted on to be diligent in all that he undertook and was not slow to volunteer to do more.   While not afraid to ask the hard questions, Councilor Brenne was always kind, respectful, and a true gentleman. 

Mayor John Turner called John Brenne “a warm-hearted individual who always encouraged the Council to consider the human side effects of its decisions.”

Mr. Brenne was a great asset to our City Council and to our community and will be truly missed.