Pendleton City Councilors Host Constituent Outreach

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McKennon McDonald and Scott Fairley, Pendleton Ward 2 City Councilors, and Dale
Primmer, Councilor at large, are hosting a constituent outreach on Saturday, February 10, 2018,
from 9:00am to 11:00am upstairs at Hamley’s Coffee Shop located at 8 SE Court in Pendleton.
The purpose of the outreach is to provide updates on progress toward meeting council goals
including sustainably funding city assets and infrastructure, economic development, increasing
housing opportunities, and to answer constituent questions and hear ideas on how the city and
the council can best meet the needs of Pendleton residents.
If you have thoughts or questions on city issues but are not available on Saturday you
can reach Councilor McDonald at , Councilor Fairley at , or Councilor Primmer at .
For additional information contact:
Scott Fairley, Pendleton City Council Ward 2: 541-240-1825
McKennon McDonald, Pendleton City Council Ward 2: 541-969-3345
Dale Primmer, Councilor at large: 541-240-1117