An update from the City Council Workshop

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The Council heard a presentation by the Pendleton Downtown Association (PDA) requesting continued funding assistance for their organization.  The PDA was the recipient of a grant from the Pendleton Development Commission (Urban Renewal) in 2017 to partially fund them for one year.  It was hoped that the organization would be able to develop stable funding.  Last night they announced they had over 90 members, which is approximately 1/3rd of the total number of businesses within their boundaries.  The financial grant awarded them last year was $55,000 of a $75,000 budget.

Council comments were generally supportive of their efforts and acknowledging their importance, but disappointed with the lack of financial support from the businesses benefiting.

Pendleton Downtown Associations mission is “Develop partnerships to stimulate economic vitality and investment in the downtown core, generate a positive image, and promote tourism while celebrating our Western Heritage.”  They are the home of the Pendleton Main Street Program, coordinate downtown beautification, shopping events and hope to continue to build on banners, Christmas lights, and new events to strengthen downtown.

Pendleton City Manager Robb Corbett advocates for our downtown, which is currently much stronger than many main streets in cities our size.  He feels a strong downtown strengthens our ability to attract more events and tourists.  Historically there has been much conflict between the City and downtown merchants which he hopes will be reduced as they become better organized under one flag.

Mr. Corbett hopes the City can find a way to continue to support the PDA, perhaps decreasing our support for continued growth in membership support with specific milestones.  What they have done thus far is outstanding and he thinks it is in the Cities best interest to help them remain viable.

City Councilors will meet with them over a period of time to try and work out a viable plan.

Next week’s Council agenda includes a fire station update and a public works contract to look at minor improvements to the Resource Recovery Plant to accommodate ADA, parts and equipment storage.