Notes from the Council Chamber

Release Date: 

December 6, 2016

Municipal Court Judge

City Council voted and selected William Perkinson to succeed Judge Wallace as the next Municipal Court Judge.  He was appointed over three other candidates.

Financial Software Update

Finance Supervisor Brian Harrington gave the Council and update on the software conversion project.  He also conveyed that he will be assisting the Community Development Department in their conversion to e-permitting. 

Thank you to everyone for your work in implementing this software conversion.  In particular, the whole finance department and Kyle Willman who has committed so much of his time in assisting with the learning and education process.

UAS Update

Steve Chrisman and UAS Range Manager Darryl Abling gave the Council an overview of the activities at the test range.  Since Darryl’s arrival this past summer, he has overseen 100 test flights.

Manufactured Homes Ordinance Update

Council discussed amending Ordinance 3845 to implement updated standards for locating manufactured homes in Pendleton.  Council expressed concerns with the proposed language that has been vetted by the Planning Commission for nearly a year.  The concerns are that deficient or dilapidated homes might be sited in the City and/or the homes would be set up and detract from the neighborhoods. Council tabled the decision and asked staff to have a representative from the Planning Commission attend the next meeting.

13th St. Staircase

Council had previously asked staff to have another engineer give them a second opinion on the ability to repair the existing structure.  Staff obtained that opinion and confirmed that repairs would be cost prohibitive.  Since the last discussion, Public Works crews have completed their work on the existing sewer easement which neighbors the stairs and provides a natural pathway connecting the valley floor to the top of the hill.  Staff asked Council to keep the stairs in place giving us time to find grant funding.  The issue will be brought back to Council at a date to be determined.

The work done by C&R crews on the trail is exceptional!

Upcoming Public Hearings

At the next Council meeting there will be public hearings on the following:  Marijuana business license, amending the nuisance ordinance to eliminate the need to send notice through certified mail, and increasing the chronic nuisance fine from $100 to $500.


Boutique Air is currently selling round trip tickets to Portland for $100.  Flights start December 19.


Robb Corbett, City Manager