Notes from the Council Chambers

Release Date: 

Revised Budget Resolution 2670

This resolution was adopted to conform with state budget rules.  The City was notified that the format we used to create the original budget resolution in June required re-formatting.  This did not change the approved budget.

Regionally Significant Industrial Area Land Use Regulations Ordinance 3899

This Ordinance put into place guarantees that the industrial lands which have been identified by the State of Oregon will remain industrial.  The State designation insures benefits for the City in obtaining assistance to develop this property, but will only be allowed if the state has this assurance.

Establishing a Housing and Neighborhood Improvement Committee Ordinance 3900

The City established a committee called Restore Pendleton to address blight.  This committee is responsible for initiating a grant to assist low income homeowners obtain funding to repair their houses.  The committee has now expanded their role to include implementing strategies to promote housing in Pendleton as identified in the recent updated Sabino Housing Study which can be found on our website here:

Amendments to the Mobile Home Development Code Ordinance 3884

This ordinance will change the mobile home standards for the City.  It has been reviewed by the Planning Commission for several months and the Council will hold a public hearing at their December 6 meeting.

Boutique Airlines Leases

Boutique Airlines has entered into a lease agreement with the City.  These leases include rent for use of the terminal building and the “pilots house” which serves as sleeping quarters for airline personnel.

It is my hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Robb Corbett, City Manager