Notes from the Council Chambers

Release Date: 

City Council Meeting November 1, 2016

SW 13th Street Stairway

Council is wrestling with the decision on what to do with this stairway as it has deteriorated to the point of being closed.  Staff estimates it will cost $200,000 to replace.  A plan was proposed to improve a pathway that exists and was constructed for a sewer line that flows down to SW 12th St.  The pathway could be improved to include hand rail and paving or could remain primitive, but would allow a safe way off the hill.

Staff has worked with the Council to identify an engineer who might be more experienced in repairing the existing stairway.  This will be on the next Council agenda.

Marijuana Zoning

This past summer Council adopted a zoning ordinance that controlled where medical marijuana facilities could be sited in the City in anticipation of dispensaries being legalized.  Now that they have referred the matter of both recreational and marijuana dispensaries to the public, the Council wanted to include recreational facilities on the ordinance.  It was necessary to adopt Ordinance 3902 as an emergency to insure the zoning regulation was implemented immediately, as the decision will be made on Tuesday, November 8.

Should the voters approve lifting the current ban on these types of businesses in Pendleton, they would only be allowed to be located within very limited areas. 

To pass an ordinance normally requires a first reading at one meeting and the second reading and public hearing at the next.  Once approved, the ordinance would take effect 30 days from passage.  Ordinances can be adopted using an “emergency clause”, and, if approved unanimously, can allow the ordinance to be read for the first and second time at the same meeting then immediately hold a public hearing.  If approved with an emergency clause, the law can become effective upon passage. 

Regionally Significant Industrial Area Ordinance 3899

This ordinance will create assurances that certain industrially zoned properties within the City qualify for state funding to extend infrastructure with the guarantee that the City will not change the zoning after we receive the special funding.  This was the first reading.  The second reading and public hearing will be held on November 15, 2016.

Housing and Neighborhood Improvement Committee Ordinance 3900

This was a first reading of an ordinance to re-purpose an existing committee (Restore Pendleton Committee) to expand their role from combating blight to include implementation of the strategies to promote new housing as identified in the Pendleton Housing Study.

Kiwanis Park Memorandum of Understanding

The playground equipment at Kiwanis Park, next to the Little League ball field, was closed for safety issues.  Kiwanis expressed frustration as they were major contributors for the building of the park.  Parks staff approached them about assuming liability and maintenance and they agreed.  I commend staff for coming up with a solution to this liability issue and to Kiwanis for their willingness to step up and assist.

Resignation of Municipal Court Judge

Judge Wallace has moved to The Dalles, and has submitted his resignation from the bench effective January 1.  Council will be selecting a replacement before the end of the year.

Other Business

Water and Sewer Line Extension Agreement with ODOT.  The City entered an agreement with ODOT to pay for water and sewer line extensions over the 8th Street bridge.  It was determined that because ODOT will be managing the bridge replacement project, and the utility project is integral to that, ODOT would be best to oversee this work.


Robb Corbett,  City Manager