Notes from the Council Chambers

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October 11 City Council Workshop

Marketing Strategies for Surplus Property.  Council discussed the criteria they wanted to use to market the property given to the City by the state and previously a part of the EOTC campus.  After some discussion, Council determined that preferences would be given to developers who made a proposal with the following criteria: workforce/student housing, compliments/connections to the college campus, and a proven track history of successfully managed rental properties.

Update on Council Goals.  Mayor-Elect John Turner gave the Council an overview of the goal development process he has undertaken.  He requested that the goals be on the first City Council meeting in January and voted on during the second January meeting.  He also asked the City Manager to ask department heads to invite him to future staff meetings, seeking input from staff on proposed Council Goals.

Upcoming Workshop Schedule.  City Manager gave a short overview of the history of the monthly Council workshop and prioritized items for workshop agendas.  He requested that he be able to deviate from this list during November and December to give the incoming Council an overview of the City budget and work that has taken place over the past few years to identify what our financial needs are to address current service levels and appropriate maintenance of assets.  This was supported by the Council.

October 11 Pendleton Development Commission (PDC) Workshop

Advisory Committee Report The PDC was given an overview of the work being done by staff and the PDC Advisory Committee to look at going out for additional funding to be used to further the goals of the Urban Renewal District.  This work included information about revenue and expense projections, given a menu of options from no new loan to maximum loan value, and also what projects might be funded.  PDC was informed that another workshop will occur in the future to discuss in more detail.

October 18 City Council Meeting

Ambulance  City Council approved the refurbish and remount of a 2009 ambulance for $145,000.  Previously, the City has purchased new ambulances for $190,000 but recently started taking advantage of a “Remount/Refurbish” program by the manufacturer, Braun.  The box is removed and completed stripped and re-built, then it is place on a new truck.  This equipment is paid for out of the Emergency Equipment Fund supported by the monthly payments on our water/sewer utility bills.

Old City Hall    The owners of the burned building asked the Pendleton Development Commission for a $36,000 grant to replace the roof on the building, which was denied.  The owners indicated they would replace the roof anyway.

At the City Council meeting, the appeals hearing held by the Council at the October 4 meeting was continued.  This hearing was to consider an appeal by the owners of a nuisance determination letter they had received by the City per the City nuisance ordinance.

The owners requested the Council give them time to put the roof on and to work toward completing the restoration of the building before implementing measures allowed to abate the nuisance.  Given their commitment to proceed with a new roof, the Council gave them a until January 1, 2017.

The City Council has expressed an interest in saving the building because of the historic value.  They are reluctant to use urban renewal funds to help with the restoration of the building unless they are convinced the owners have the resources to do the project. 

Robb Corbett, City Manager