Notes from the Council Chambers

Release Date: 

September 6, 2016

Board Appointments

Council appointed replacements for the Library Board.  There are always positions available on commissions and boards serving the City.  If you know of people who would make good leaders, who have expressed an interest in serving, please encourage them to contact Donna at City Hall about current vacancies.  We have recently started using an email list of Leadership Pendleton graduates to solicit them for serving, with great success.


Council approved Resolution 2667 which updated several fees.  It is necessary for us to make sure that our fees are raised to cover our expenses.  If you know if fees that are outdated, that need attention, please let Andrea Denton know and we will get these taken care of.  Ideally, fees you charge should cover the expense.  If in doubt, let your supervisor know.

Community Development Block Grant

Council approved an agreement with neighboring communities to create a partnership in applying for grant funds to assist low income home owners to make necessary improvements to their homes.  If you become aware of someone who has a need, urge them to contact GEODC or myself to determine if we can get them on a list for assistance.

Proposed New Fire Station

Council approved a resolution placing the Fire Station proposal on the May ballot.  An organizational meeting of those who will be working to promote the bond will occur this month.  Contact Chief Ciraulo if interested in knowing more.

Pendleton UAS Test Range Update

Council received an update from Steve Chrisman.  There were five customers over the past several weeks flying and revenue has begun to trickle in.  I attended the Pendleton Drone Rodeo, which was purposed to connect farmers with tech geeks in order to understand how the technology might merge with practical farming applications.  The goal was for 150 attendees and we had 250.  Much excitement, huge potential, time will tell.


As I reflect back on this past Roundup Week, I am amazed at the effort that goes into make the event what it is.  It is so unique to any other town I have been to.  The coordinated effort of hundreds of people who know their job is priceless, and something we can recreate several times a year, to the benefit of our residents.

Love it or hate it, the event is an incredible economic boom for this town.  Zach Brown Concert and Pendleton Bike Week are here because of the facilities and the “community know how” to pull off these large events.  We need to have several of these events per year.

Because of the positive economic impacts, we are going to continue to increase the number of events in Pendleton.  We need to figure out now what we can do to prepare for this.

Robb Corbett, City Manager