DEQ Road Show Goes To Pendleton

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Another day, another DEQ Roadshow, this time in Pendleton.

I’ve been following DEQ’s Rachel Sakata as she updates local communities on the initial recommendations of the Woodsmoke Workgroup. The destination cities are or have been, concerned with attainment of EPA air quality thresholds. House Bill 3068 directed DEQ to study woodsmoke and make recommendations:

Consult with members of the public from rural and urban communities, as well as different regions of the state, about its preliminary findings and recommendations relating to potential strategies to reduce woodstove smoke. - House Bill 3068

This session coincided with Pendleton’s regularly scheduled Air Quality Commission, chaired by Klaus Hoehna. He summarized the work they’ve been doing since the Commission was founded in 1991. To view the DEQ ROAD SHOW in Pendleton visit this link: