Community Discussion Sessions and Budgeted Funds

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City completed a series of three community discussion sessions in late April, early May.  City has spent the last two years identifying funding needs related to city streets; existing facilities; and the water, sewer, and storm systems.  The funding need is about $7.4 million per year.  As part of these community discussion sessions, city staff presented a basic overview of the city’s budget to help frame the community discussion.  Please take a moment and review the slide show to assist with your understanding of the issues.

City has a total of 35 budgeted funds.  34 funds have restrictions to spending, meaning the money for the each fund has to be spent for a specific purpose.  Streets, water, sewer, and storm funding are good examples of restricted funding.  City has 1 fund allowing the City Council to spend money in any lawful manner.  This is the City’s General Fund.  General Fund expenses includes police, ambulance, fire, parks, recreation, cemetery, municipal court, planning, building, economic development, and other non-departmental expenses, which includes City-owned facilities.

The slide show was update after each community discussion session with citizen comments and the city’s next steps: 1) using the community discussion points to assist with prioritizing capital projects, 2) looking at existing funding sources and developing diverse funding options, 3) reaching back out to the community and explaining options, and 4) possibly placing some projects or funding considerations for voter consideration.